SPDIF-out activation

Hi folks,
Got my Up2Stream Pro and SPDIF-out board. The extension board doesn’t fit into plastic case but never mind.

My issue is that there is no sound via Toslink/Coaxial cable. With other words the SPDIF-out board doesn’t pass any sound. And the manual - I love people who write manuals - says that “check function activation instruction on website”. Great, isn’t it?)

Any idea how to activate this thing?

This Q&A wasn’t helpful - board still dumb.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

It actualy is activated by default. Sometimes you need to do a factory reset after you connected the spdif output board.

Ps. If you have distorted sound after that, you may have to disconnect the other pins. You only need the spdif, vcc and gnd pins. Simply lift the lips of the connector with a knife and pull out the cables, so you don’t need to cut the cables.

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Factory reset didn’t help neither. No signal neither toslink or coaxial cable. Marantz amp is blinking when there is no signal via selected input.

Improved connection cable (with 3 lines) didn’t change anything.

Below is my board. Pls check. I have a feeling that I’m missing something very basic.

When the SPDIF board is active, do I have to select somewhere the sound output option? Or the playing audio is distributed to all output hardware simultaneously (parallel)?

RESOLVED: Finally the issue was with the cable from up2stream to spdif board. After replacing with another works as a charm.


Sorry for the late responce. Long working day.
Great to hear you solved it and thanks for letting us know.