Sound hickups

Hello, I have a few radio stations that if I play they’re working fine for about 1 hour, after that they get some “hickups” on the stream and after another 10-15 minutes of playingnt with hickups the stream stops.
If I play again the same stream it works well for anothe hour , and after that, the same problem

It happens on 3 products
Up2Stream Mini, Arylic S10, and Up2Stream AMP Stereo

Any sugestions ?

@dobritz it will almost certainly be a LAN connection fault. Probably the router is not capable of long-term, continuous and stable data transmission on the local network, say because the hardware is weak, or if the network is occasionally loaded, the resource runs out. Do you use other video streaming services (f.e. Netflix)? it might be suitable for testing the subnet. One more thing worth knowing about Arylic’s devices is that they are not particularly fault-tolerant when dealing with stream errors. The buffer size of the player is small and cannot be adjusted, so the hiccups remain in the event of a network error.

Thanks for the response
I have discovered that the problem is the buffer, not the network
that’ true, the buffer size is very small, and when it gets “full” the hiccups apear :slight_smile: