Sound cuts out at 50% volume

I ordered a pair of Up2Stream Amp V4 boards. So far I’ve set one up with a pair of RSL CG3 speakers. I’m not going to open the second board until this is resolved, if at all.

With only one speaker connected everything seems to work fine. When both are connected and at low volumes (up to 50% volume on the Spotify slider) I get normal sound out of the right channel but barely audible sounds out of the left channel. When the volume goes above 50% the sound cuts out entirely and instead I get a burst of static about once per second.

Any ideas out there what might be the cause? The CG3s have a recommended power input of 25-125 watts, so I realize driving them with a 100 watts total is not going to make for concert hall sound levels, but I can’t explain the total loss of sound and static bursts.


I have built my own whole house system, so could maybe offer some advice, but im by no means an expert.

You mentioned it works fine when driving one speaker. Is that when operating on L or R? ie is the amp capable of driving each side individually? I take it you have also tried each of the speakers on its own?

What are you powering the v4 with? I needed a hefty constant voltage LED type dc driver.


Nola, try the same speaker and interconnecting wires on each channel and see if you get the same results. Process of elimination.

Thanks for the responses. I’m happy to say that after factory resetting the unit and starting over everything is working fine. Not sure what it was causing the issue, but it did not take any fiddling with the speakers or wires to get it sorted. After that and about 30 minutes setting up the other unit and hooking up speaker wires and I’m very happy with the (partial) whole-home performance. Now to get a couple more and complete the process.

To answer the questions, in case anybody else runs into a similar issue, I bought the power supplies from Arylic so wouldn’t have thought they were the problem. I tried the first unit on L and R modes, and L+R, and nothing seemed to change while doing that. Amp was fine driving each speaker separately, just wasn’t driving them together.

Anyway… all fixed on my side, Thanks again–