Sonos works with 2.0 AMP?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been searching for information about this topic on this forum but i can’t seem to find the answer that suits my question.

Here is the case: I got my coworker very excited about the Arylic system. I’m already a enthousiastic user myself and got quite some friends and family hooked on these DIY boards.
Now this coworker already has a couple of Sonos devices, which ones I’m not sure, but he would like to implement a 2.0 AMP V4 in that system.

My question, is this possible? Is it possible to play the same internet radio stream or spotify stream on both the AMP and the Sonos system?
I don’t have Sonos myself so I won’t be able to test it right now, so I hope someone has experience with this.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Bjorn, this device does not support to work with Sonos with wireless streaming. The only way seems is to treat any of them as a pure amplifier, but that does not make sense…

Thanks for your reply Frank!