Solution for active speakers with bluetooth and XLR

I’m new here and not experienced with DIY projects, neither with Hi-Fi in general, my field is music production, so it’s close but really not the same. So I need a recommendation, please excuse me if I sound stupid :slight_smile:

I have 2x unfinished speakers which are quite big: 12" bass and also drivers for mids and highs. I want them to be active, so I need qulite a lot of power per channel - minimum 100-150W I guess.

I need them to have XLR and Line-in RCA inputs and Bluetooth capability. Wi-Fi connection and streaming from streaming platforms is not requirement, but it would be good.
No audio cables between speakers would be good too: from bluetooth receiver to other speaker, audio should be wireless.

Is any Arylic board suitable, and can it be upgraded somehow with balanced XLR inputs?


Hi @pyc,

You will need some kind of balancing adapter for the project: DRV134 RCA Unbalanced To Balanced XLR Adaptor Converter DRV134 High Performance RCA to XLR Converter Preamp Audio Amplifier

Hi Pyc,

If you want that your speakers will be active, they need an amplifier. So no any arylic board can’t to this. There are some card with amp and other not.
Can you send a picture of your speakers to have a better idea of your project?
For a good stereo i suggest to keep the wiring to at least one of your speaker.
You can put this board: Wireless Plate Amp Up2stream Plate
inside one of your speakers and adding a wire with adapter to XLR and you can also adding a DAC Board (look at the accessories).
But here is the specifications, maybe its to small for your speaker…: 40W x2 @4Ω
20W x2 @8Ω

Hope that helps!