Smart home- HOMEY SYSTEM any one run it?

I run a Homey system in my house i tried several things, but no way to find a solution :frowning:
Has someone else have Homey and run some commands from Homey to the arylic boards?

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@Supra66 Tomas,

I have had a quick look and my impression is that Homey is pretty locked into Zigbee & ZWave compliant equipment.

Looking at the speakers that work with it they have Google HA & Alexa built in so will hence be Zigbee compatible.

Obviously someone that has actually Homey could be better placed to answer.

Regards, Kevin

You right, but it can do more there are http API , MQTT broker and more. So maybe someone…
For me would be perfect if I can have an API that starts play some web radio or so.

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Httpapi is possible. Checkout Arylic Audio HTTP API

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Hi Andrey, please how this work? I haven’t found any info on the GitHub

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Homey newbe here, using arylic-like music distribution.

What would you like homey to do?
Im puzzling if google nest can send commands to the arylic to play a playlist.

Hi, i am also using the boards for music distribution in whole house.
I would like functions like “when light in a room goes on start play music” or send some mp3 to the board according to the situation like some one rings - homey will send specific mp3 to arylic board and so on
Homey can work with Sonos speakers but i want to do it with the arylic boards.

It seems we are on good way, we will try to develop app for Athom Homey system, which would be great for users they need to implement Arylic products to smart home control.