Simple Bluetooth speakers

I’m looking to turn a couple of speakers I have in an old airstream to a bluetooth speaker unit. I have 12 volt DC power near the speakers and would like to work with that. With some work I can get 120v AC there but if it’s not needed that would be ideal. I’m not looking for really loud music through the speakers just something that sounds good. I have some experience with electronics but not with audio so I’m a little out of my element.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Which board should I look at and what type of speakers should I get? The old speakers in there are easily replaceable and probably not the best anyway.

So if you are intending to build the unit into a speaker cabinet, the 50W x 2 stereo amp can be powered from 12v and would probably be your cheapest option.
The stand alone A30+ amp is also 12v powered so that’s another option for you.

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Unfortunately, with 12V you are on the very low end of what the Arylic boards need. I presume that they will run with 12V but you have to keep in mind that the output power will be low, too. I would not expect more than 2x10W at 4 ohms (when using the Arylic stereo amp that can provide 2x50W at 21V). Depending on the efficiency of your speakers, this might be not enough for a decent volume. If I were in your shoes, I would try to provide a voltage in the range 19-20V so that you have enough power reserve. 19V is a value that you can get, for example, from old laptop power supplies that you can easily find for little money.