Signals for Power ON and DIM (Up2stream Amp 2.1)

Hi, I have Up2stream Amp 2.1 and I’m building custom enclosure together with other HW inside. I would like to know what is the best place to tap of the PCB for following signals:

  1. power on - after button press on the back side or power on via remote I need to power on other components as well
  2. dimm signal - after pressing the crossed light bulb (turn off lights) on the remote I would also like my other components (for example VU meters) to shut down

In worst case scenario I can just tap off the front LEDs and detect when they are ON but I would much more prefer to have separate signals as I would like to have main power ON LED which would be ON even in case that device is in dimm mode.

Thank You for any advice!

You can configure the device and assign a PIN as output control, it will be high when have audio output, and become low after no audio for some time. This should be ideal to control a relay for the other hardware.

There’s no this dimm signal, we did not consider it in the beginning. Maybe you have to check LED status.

Ok, Thank You! I was wondering what is the OUT CTRL option for GPIO1. Would it be a possible to add the DIM signal option in future firmware updates? I’m not using GPIO2 for anything so it could still be assigned to that.

It can be assigned to any IO of the board in ACP tool, and not set by default. And the GPIO1 and GPIO2 is used for rotary encoding key by default.