Setup Lost after few days powered off up2stream AMP V4

Hi , I am just starting to play with the board up to stream AMP V4 , and It’s pretty cool but …

When I power off power on I did not restart with the entry where I was or did not play the wi-fi radio selected before power off ( I saw that on the wish list but it would be an improvement)

After a few days powered off I lost part of my setup and mainly the preselected radio channel on IR remote control Nr 1 to 6
Any way to keep the setup on module ? I saw a plug 5 v can we put a battery in and How ?

Thanks for your help

For the auto playing, it’s disabled by default as some users are not happy with it, I can try to find a way to enable it with a command or something, so all would be happy.

For the preset, normally it should be saved. And one reason might be the board is upgraded. Currently the board might reset to default while upgraded.

Thank a Lot