Setup a multi-room gym setup with mics.

Hi, I’m looking to build an affordable setup for a 2 levels gymnastic club. The requirements are pretty simple and the Arylic products seem to be the solution to share audio between the two levels. I don’t know if all the requirements can be met, but I know there’s always a solution. Here are the requirements:

  • Athletes must be able to stream music to a single or both gyms. I think that two A50 can cover that part.

  • I need to be able to have a microphone input in each gym. Wired microphones a best because this feature is to be used only few times a year and dealing with discharged batteries is a no-go. It would also be great to share a single microphone to both places. I may need another device to convert a microphone input to a preamp before the A50, of a separate A50…?

  • I need to be able to share audio between gyms when needed.

So, for now, my guess is to get two A50 wired to 4 wall speakers in each gyms. But for now, I’m not sure how I can get wired microphone to this setup without having another full amplifier/receiver with a MIC input hooked to the A50. The A50 would then only be used to share the audio on the network and not really as an amplifier.

I need help to be sure I’m using the correct components and that I’m not misunderstanding how they should be used.