Separated volume control for L R channels ?

Hi everyone !

I’m trying to understand if I’ll be able to use Up2Stream Amp V4 for my multiroom project…
The idea is that Amp V4 should be powering two ceiling speakers, each one in a separate room (mono output is better).
And it’s required to control volume for each room independently.
A basic way this could be done is by shifting sound balance R<->L.
But after watching some youtube reviews showing the 4STREAM app features it’s not clear for me how to do that :frowning:
Is there such a feature in the mobile app already?
Or maybe any other way to control single channel volume?

this officially promoted slider, you know :grinning:

Hi @Geo , for your needs I think you need 2 Up2stream Amp Mono for each speakers.
One Amp to powering the 2 units is not allow to control the different value.

And the picture is visualize showing that we have a feature can set your speaker as left channel sound or right channel :slightly_smiling_face::

Hi, @Joy , thanks for the suggestion!
Putting an AMPv4 for each room in this scenario will be too much $$ and power supply load :frowning:
Is there a way to adjust sound balance for Left and Right channel? After all, it’s a feature most software music players have.
Like this:

It’s a nice feature to have in 4STREAM music player app, too.

You can check our ACPWorkbench tuning tool.

I’ve checked the ACPWorkbench manual to get the idea.
Looks like it’s not a good solution in my case. USB connection is ok when you have 1 AMP unit near a PC, but it will be a headache when you have 4 AMPs (in this project I have 8 rooms to put sound into, 1 speaker in a room). And the software is too complex for an end user, they will mess it up for sure.
So the ideal way is to make it available in the 4STREAM app, like a slider:

LR channel balance control is a common feature in a stereo amplifier, why not?
Maybe it’s even possible to control each speaker volume like this in mono mode?

Let it be a feature request for developers to improve the product and make it even more attractive.

It is possible at all to make this feature in future firmware/app releases ?

Hi @Joy !
I’ve been playing with my Up2stream Amp v4 for some time now. You were right, connecting a separate amp in mono mode for a separate room speaker is a better idea. Stereo LR channels balance is not an important feature for me after all.