Sending pc sound to arylic wifi

Does anyone know how to send the pc sound to an arylic s50+ via wifi or wired lan?


What are you using on your pc as a music server? It needs to be UPNP (Universal Plug and Play) for the 4STREAM app to see it under My Music.

I just want to send the sound when watching for example an application like netflix using a web browser from my pc. I have no problem when doing so with spotify fir instance frm the pc, but I cannot find a way to send the sound from any browser.

Thanks for your answer.

I have what you are describing in my own home system, I have a Pro board connected to my my home office PC via a USB cable. (A S10 would do the same job)
From this I can stream whatever is playing on the computer locally and grouped to the family room, lounge and outdoor systems via the 4STREAM app.
I’m unaware of any other way to to this.

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Thank you.
What’s a pro board or as10 device? Sorry but I don’t know what you mean.

Thanks a lot anyways

Both are described and available on the Arylic website.

Thank you again.
I’ve seen in the web the Up2Stream Pro board and looking at the manual seems that It can do what you stated, but regarding the S10 looks like is the same as my s50 pro+. I cannot see in the manual how to get it with the s10.
I guess I should change to a pro board then but I’m a bit confused regarding s10. I just bought the s50 because it looked better…

thank you again

S10 Main features (from the instruction manual)

A S10 is basically a Pro board in an enclosure.