S50Pro+ Problems

Received my S50Pro+ today. There’s a few issues with it - one I found a workaround for but others I need help with:

fw version 4.6.415145.35
build date 20220227

There’s nothing in the instructions that tell you the default setup procedure within 4STREAM won’t work as it doesn’t have BLE. You have to use the ‘alternative’ setup procedure where the S50Pro+ acts as a hotspot for the purposes of setup.

So, next I found that the ‘alternative’ setup procedure didn’t work: the S50Pro+ would connect to my WiFi router (I can see this in my logs) but switching the iPhone back to the same network it would never connect and complete the setup - after a while it would go back to hotspot mode and start again… I fixed this by going into the WiFi properties in the iPhone and switching OFF “Private WiFi Address” and “Limit IP Address Tracking” which are ON by default for any WiFi network. This seemed to fix the problem and I have been able to set it up successfully on WiFi. I should say that with a wired LAN it would have been plug-and-play but where I want to put this unit there is no ethernet cable.

So does anyone have a solution to any of the following:

When in standby (red LED on front panel) there is a VERY loud 50Hz buzz in the right hand channel only. This goes away if you wake the unit up. And it comes back if for any reason the unit goes into standby.

Saved some radio streaming presets to the presets 1-6 in the App. Selecting presets in the App seems fine and they play, but selecting them on the remote does nothing. If I long press the preset buttons on the remote (1-6) then the unit beeps twice and again seems to do nothing.

Unplugged the unit from power and then restored power. Unit boots up, but repeats audio announcement over and over to “Complete setup using the App”. This goes on a while until it then announces it’s connected to WiFi. Going into the App there is nothing I can see that would complete the setup or any indication that setup isn’t complete.

More of an annoyance - the Bluetooth seems to be only enabled and discoverable when the audio input is actually set to Bluetooth. I see that it doesn’t use the ‘name’ of the unit - which is a shame. I can rename it on my iPhone BT properties.

Also - would be nice if there was a way to manually set the WiFi up when you have a LAN connection. It appears that this is not possible.

Any wisdom appreciated.


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No replies from the community or engagement from Arylic so far.

The A30 turned up today and was a lot easier to set up - mainly because it supports BLE so the app works properly. Some of the above problems are present also - notably the presets, but it seems a lot more polished and but free than the S50Pro+

This leaves me wondering if my S50Pro+ is faulty?

s50 pro+ bought 15days ago for background music studio
device: ARYLIC_S50A firmware version 4.6.415145.35

connected to DHCP wifi in my house, FTH provider, no problems with other devices/ streamers in my audio LAN setup


  1. playing hires flac from usb thumb drive: dull sound, many interruptions click and pops

  2. playing from quobuz: clear sound, BUT sometimes there are interruptions in streaming, clicks and pops.

  3. subwoofer output: it’s full range L+R sum, no low pass filter

strangely this device has positive reviews on the internet. I thought better

more: 4stream app is really crammy. very slow, unresposive, as the streamer
better IEAST app to easily command the streamer


Having used it a bit, the key seems to be to use my iPhone to play music using an iPhone App (BBC Sounds in my case) and then use AirPlay to stream from iPhone to the S50Pro+ or A50.

If i use the built in streaming in the Arylic, using the presets then the audio plays for about 30 seconds and then jumps back 1-2 seconds. Then it’s okay for another 30 seconds and jumps back again. Ad infinitum.

If I have all the units playing in a group then the jump happens at the same time on all.

AirPlay seems to be okay and doesn’t do this, so for me the solution is Airplay from iPhone.

Before anyone says it’s poor internet or WiFi, I am running wired ethernet and the upstream connection is gigabit fibre, with no latency issues.

Disappointing to say the least.

Thought it was just me - problems with playing BBC radio from the ‘new’ BBC Radio link in the 4Stream App. It’s very glitchy, jumping every 30 seconds or so, as you describe. Both my A50+ and my Up2Stream Plate Amp are affected the same way, so it must be related to the app. And using LAN or WiFi makes no difference.

Other internet radio stations through the 4Stream App seem to play ok, so is this only a problem for the BBC Radio stream via 4Stream? I will try Airplay instead from my iPhone with the BBC Sounds app, but it’s a pity as I lose the multi-room functionality.