S50 Pro+ subwoofer settings

Is the best practice to set the crossover dial on my subwoofer to LFE or to another value? I saw somewhere in the FAQ that the crossover from the S50+ is at 250 hz, but don’t see any information about recommended subwoofer settings.

I have a Jamo S 810 powered sub that is shared between the S50+ and my home theater AVR. The AVR ideally wants the sub crossover dial at LFE, but I’m unsure if that’s what is best for the S50+. My plan is to tune the sub to the S50+ and then adjust my AVR settings since it has more options.

Hi Stuart,
Go with your plan, as you noted, the LFE (or low frequency effects) input is from your home theatre system and is designed for playing audio tracks found on all Dolby and DTS audio processed tracks.