S50+ pro stuck in "Loading ..." state trying to connect to my WiFi LAN

Hi everyone,
I am new to the forum and appreciate very much the many detailed pieces of technical info in the user community.
My new S50+ worked almost flawlessly for about a week, it was able to connect my wireless LAN and stream audio from external iOS (music), Windows ( foobar2000) audio renderers and also through the in-build TuneIn app.
The streamer is now stuck in the “Loading…” display state and doesn’t generate any voice announcements nor respond to resetting to factor defaults (3x rapid button hits) when “WiFi” is selected through the remote or rear panel.
I have tested BT and line-input seem to work OK. However, I am unable to discover and connect to the streamer through my iOS APP (4streamer) and stream through WiFi/home LAN.

Are there any suggestions as to how to recover the WiFi stuck fault on the device? Is there any other way to connect (other than the web browser) and interrogate the streamer h/w using e.g. the ethernet or USB interface?
Have all a great Saturday.