S50 Pro+ Setup Questions - Outboard DAC

Hi I own a S50 Pro+. It is connected to my Emotiva PT-100 preamplifier via Digital Coaxial. Is there any way to defeat the preamp function of the S50 Pro+? If not what volume level should I set my S50 Pro+ so it does not add amplification to the digital signal going to my own preamp.

I don’t own a S50 pro +, so I’m not sure of the signal path. If the volume control varies the digital out then It’s probably not the ideal scenario, you will need to keep the S50 Pro+ gain low as the second preamp may clip and degrade the signal to noise ratio if the input signal is too great.

Thanks for your reply. That is what I am concerned about. However, you would think Arylic would know some users would already have their own preamp and make provision for that!!??

Just adding a streamer to an existing system, you should have considered an S10 or a Pro V3 with digital out board, it’s way cheaper and your not duplicating features on your preamp.

Thanks I may just sell the S50 and get one of those or maybe a Bluesound node. Always want to try it.

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