S50 Pro+ issues with 4Stream

I recently purchased and installed the S50 Pro+ on my home audio and I am having issues with the 4Stream app. Not sure if anyone else has experienced the same. I have firmware version 4.2.8826.24. I can successfully connect using the 4Stream APP and I am am able to successfully play music through AirPlay using an iPhone.

I am having two problems so far with the interface:

  1. When attempting to play using the TuneIn selection from 4Stream, it immediately disconnects the Arylic s50. The device disconnects and shows a red LED light on it. It has to be reset using the button on the device. This error can be replicated as it happens every single time the TuneIn function is attempted.

  2. I cannot seem to update the firmware on the device (which I thought might fix problem 1 above). I am not getting a notification to update my firmware (current version 4.2.8826.24). Is there a different way to update the firmware outside of the 4Stream app?

Update on this issue. I received a firmware update tool from the support team and updated to version 4.2.8826.27 which appeared to correct the problem.

Posting the solution to this forum in case someone else runs across the same issue.

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How can i get the latest firmware?
My s50pro+ show 3.1.2××××××