S50 Pro + confusion/connection issues

Having trouble linking the S50Pro+ to my wifi network.
Using an Apple iphone with 4stream Ver2.8.10212

The 4stream app finds my wifi quickly and will allow me to control my Peachtree audio streaming amp without a problem.

On my phone Settings/ in order to get SoundStream_E279 to be a selection I have to disconnect power to the S50Pro+, switch it into wifi mode and quickly click the reset button(this works about every 4th time, it usually just switches the mode)
When I select it as a wifi network I get the error code ‘Can not connect to the network’, if I do this several times it asks me for a password, I have tried admin and my wifi password, but neither works.

Using the + in 4stream, it seems to only want to use bluetooth to connect.

the 8.2 page in the manual does not look like anything I see on my phone.

My Peachtree has a simple web interface that makes pairing the wifi easy, is there a way to do this with Arylic products?

So, the issue is that your phone can’t connect to the device hotspot directly?

If so, please try to reset factory for the device, should be able to do this with press and hold POWER of remote control for about 3 seconds, you should hear the voice from speaker. (If not, please try to press the reset button triple times quickly)

And then wait it finish, and after you hear the indicating voice for connecting to network, try to connect to the device hotspot with your phone. If successed and get a local IP address (normally 10.10.10.X), then open APP to continue.

Thanks Frank,

Yes, your suggestions worked great, Able to select SoundStream_E279 in my wifi.

The 4stream App does not allow me to connect with the main wifi. So I can not connect to Qobuz.

In the Peachtree app I can go to and connect my streamer to the main wifi. How do I do that with the S50Pro+ ?

After you successed to connect APP to device, then you could click the ‘+’ on top right in device page, and connect the device to your home WIFI AP.
Before, the APP will request this config automatically. We seperated this process to let the APP to work with device without extern AP. For example, camping in place without WIFI :slight_smile: