S50 pro + Bypass Volume

I want to use S50 Pro+ as a streamer only & will use volume from Preamp only, How do I bypass Volume on S50 Pro +

@Smo which output (S50+) and Preamp inputs are you using ?

S50 Pro + ( thru Toslink/ Coax ) to DAC to Preamp


Never tested it but I always imagined that Volume Control (on S50+) would not do anything to Digital Outputs :thinking:

In any case the factory default Volume Level is currently 30%. You could just leave it there and see if the signal is strong enough. This means even when Firmware is upgraded and previous settings are not restored you will end up with 30%

I have a S50+ so now I am curious to see what happens with Digital Outputs :slight_smile:

Regards, Kevin

Hi all!
I check that volume change in TOSLINK out when change volume control, like line out.
If you want to bypass volume, just change to max value 99, that I suposed is 2 or 2,5 Vrms and It can be used like regular line out.
I have this settings to use it like audio preamp for network playback, spotify.
It’s not posible to bypass volume control or set to a fix level. while play throught SPotify by instance , if you change volume in your smart phone then change it to AS50.

I think that bypass volume control could be a very good feature to include in next firmware releases



Thanks Bro for the suggestion