S50 pro app and other options

Hi all.

just wondering if there are any alternatives to the 4stream app that is compatible with these devices and possibly a native windows app / web interface ?


Hi Spastro

The Wiim app (tested on Android) seems to be mostly compatible, but with my Arylic devices i have some disadvanteges. If you don’t like the look and feel of the 4STREAM app, you can skip this idea because the apps are almost the same.

You can check the IP address of your device in the 4STREAM app and enter this in your browser to access the web interface. Example:

Additional hints for the web interface:

  1. the default password is “admin”
  2. if you just see “Loading…” you have to factory reset your device to get the web interface work. I had to do this with both devices (plate amp and S10).

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Thanks for the tips. Is there anyway to add these players to media servers such as squeezebox Or other such media centres that have an official web accessible management system?


Thanks for the tip. I now see 3 separate sliders for EQ as apposed to the two on the remote. Even the 4stream app only shows eq settings on my S50Pro+ but not for my S10 or A30.

Good to know.

Normally I can see the treble and bass in the 4STREAM app with the S10. But as soon i group the devices, the EQ settings are gone for the secondary device. The primary device has always the EQ settings. Don’t ask me why :wink:

Do you have grouped your devices?

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Yes, I have grouped my 3 devices and I have the same experience. The host has Treble and Bass controls and the slaves don’t.

However, if you open each device on your PC using the IP addresses you not only get back the Treble and Bass but Midrange as well. That’s something not available on the 4Stream app or the remote.

So really trying to find a solution to make this manageable without a android or apple device.

Can these work with mpd for grouping the players for multiroom audio as well as an alternate webinterface music server ?

The iEAST app (on Android) works fine for me. although i think it is the same app with diffrent branding.

have fun.

Thanks for the tip, but trying to find a windows / Linux based application that can manage a group these devices without the need of 4 stream. Logitech seems to work to some degree but trying to find better solutions.

Acrylic really needs to come to the ball with a actual media server that can handle music / video libraries and stream rather that only providing an app