S50 Pro+ and Apple TV

Just got an Arylic s50 Pro+; it showed up today. I am feeding optical line into the s50 from my Vizio TV. My Apple TV is hooked to the TV via HDMI. The s50 is feeding into an aux input on my vintage Sansui receiver.

Playing through Apple TV, some apps work fine (e.g. Pandora, YouTube, and Hulu). Other apps produce only noise (e.g. Disney+, Netflix, and Apple movies). Does anyone know what is going on there? Would an HDMI audio extractor likely fix this (that would assume that the TV in between the S50 and Apple TV is the problem). Hoping someone has more insight on this than I do…


Update: I found audio settings on my Apple TV. Changed it from “Auto” to “Stereo”, and everything seems to work. Apparently the s50 does not do well with surround sound audio being sent to it. I worry that I am losing the surround audio signals completely instead of having them sent to my 2 channel, stereo speakers, but I don’t think I can do anything about that.