S50+ high frequency when connected to record player.

When the connection runs from the record player straight to the receiver the signal is crisp. However, when I add the S50 pro+ in line I am receiving feedback on the high end. If the S50 is playing from WIFI to the receiver the problem also isn’t present.

I am using a B&O RX2 into a Marantz 2216B.

Hi David,
I just had a look at the S50+ spec sheet and although the unit has ‘Line in’ RCA’s it doesn’t actually say ‘Phono in’ like the BP50 for instance and there is no earthing screw.
The distorted sound you are getting is probably because there is no RIAA equalisation circuit on that input.
To input from a turntable with that unit would require a pre-preamp with the required equalisation circuitry.

Thanks so much Steve! I had a similar thought and for that reason I have gone ahead and purchased the BP50. I can report back and let you know how that went!

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