S10 USB input and Turntable - Who has experience

I would like to know following.
The Arylic S10 has a USB input, that can be used for a USB stick with music files.

But can the USB input on the S10 also be used to connect a Turntable?
(I mean turntables with built-in pre-amps and USB-out connectors)

As far as iā€™m aware the S10 USB input is a File Access port, with a limit to the number of files being accessed.
Your turntable will be streaming live so wont have a file access structure.
alternatively you can connect the turntable to the aux line input of the S10 .and that would work

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Thnx @C3pored for your swift response!

I assumed that the USB-In would only take file based.
But it is good to be sure, especially as I currently do not have the setup to test that.