S10 Deezer problem

I own a S10 streamer.
I cannot get it connected te Deezer anymore. I changed my email adress, password, resetted the S10, made a new connection. Nothing worked.
Everything else is OK. I can stream internet radio etc. So the connections are OK. But when it askes for Deezer login. I get the message “Unknown Installation”.
How can I get this working again ?

The same error occurs when logging into Deezer in the 4stream app.

Same problem for me!
This is the last answer from Arylic Team
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Same problem.for me it start more than a week agoe.
Arlilyc should at least confirm when are they going to be able to fix this

Yep, no Deezer access, unknown installation instead of no user found, and no problem login in otherwise to Deezer directly just not through 4stream.

Когда устраните проблему? Сколько можно обещать? Нужен доступ к deezer.

Was this solved ?

Still nothing.
Bad product bad service.
I foubd out through one of the dealers that the permit of Deezer is expired. Now they are trying to fix this. I lost confidence, and will change to anothrr streamer

Instead of using 4stream to access Deezer - select WIFI and use Airplay. I’ve had success using Airplay via the AirMusic app and the Deezer app. (Not the 4stream version of Deezer.) Not saying I can hear the difference between Bluetooth and the higher res WIFI - but I prefer having more resolution. Good luck!

Hello any udpates on this Deezer login issue?