S10 dead after firmware update

My S10 was working fine but updated to 4.6.415145 and since then has been dead. No LED light on the front and no volume when connected. Ironically, it does show on the 4Stream app, albeit only with Wifi selected as a connection option. Maybe some kind of power issue? Any ideas?

How can I downgrade back to the prior firmware (sorry don’t recall the version)?

Here is the results of getStatusEx

{ “uuid”: “FF31F09E8679FADFCC9D9816”, “DeviceName”: “A31Audio_C77E”, “GroupName”: “A31Audio_C77E”, “ssid”: “A31Audio_C77E”, “language”: “en_us”, “firmware”: “4.6.415145”, “hardware”: “A31”, “build”: “release”, “project”: “a31rakoit”, “priv_prj”: “a31rakoit”, “project_build_name”: “a31rakoit”, “Release”: “20220427”, “temp_uuid”: “E41CFB26F64D94A0”, “hideSSID”: “1”, “SSIDStrategy”: “2”, “branch”: “A31_stable_4.6”, “group”: “0”, “wmrm_version”: “4.2”, “internet”: “1”, “MAC”: “00:22:6C:09:C7:7E”, “STA_MAC”: “00:00:00:00:00:00”, “CountryCode”: “CN”, “CountryRegion”: “1”, “netstat”: “0”, “essid”: “”, “apcli0”: “”, “eth2”: “”, “ra0”: “”, “eth_dhcp”: “1”, “VersionUpdate”: “0”, “NewVer”: “0”, “set_dns_enable”: “1”, “mcu_ver”: “0”, “mcu_ver_new”: “0”, “dsp_ver”: “0”, “dsp_ver_new”: “0”, “date”: “2023:08:23”, “time”: “16:51:53”, “tz”: “-5.0000”, “dst_enable”: “1”, “region”: “unknown”, “prompt_status”: “1”, “iot_ver”: “1.0.0”, “upnp_version”: “1005”, “cap1”: “0x400”, “capability”: “0x10800”, “languages”: “0x6”, “streams_all”: “0x7fff33fe”, “streams”: “0x7f9831fe”, “external”: “0x0”, “plm_support”: “0x0”, “preset_key”: “6”, “spotify_active”: “0”, “lbc_support”: “0”, “privacy_mode”: “0”, “WifiChannel”: “11”, “RSSI”: “0”, “BSSID”: “”, “battery”: “0”, “battery_percent”: “0”, “securemode”: “1”, “auth”: “WPAPSKWPA2PSK”, “encry”: “AES”, “upnp_uuid”: “uuid:FF31F09E-8679-FADF-CC9D-9816FF31F09E”, “uart_pass_port”: “8899”, “communication_port”: “8819”, “web_firmware_update_hide”: “0”, “ignore_talkstart”: “0”, “web_login_result”: “-1”, “silenceOTATime”: “”, “ignore_silenceOTATime”: “1”, “new_tunein_preset_and_alarm”: “1”, “iheartradio_new”: “1”, “new_iheart_podcast”: “1”, “tidal_version”: “2.0”, “service_version”: “1.0”, “ETH_MAC”: “00:22:6C:09:C7:81”, “security”: “https/2.0”, “security_version”: “2.0” }

Hi, seems the base board is dead… and you could try to connect to PC and see if could be detected, could check in Device Manager, see if any refreshing triggered when plug in or out the S10. If no, please try contact seller for a replacement.