S10 cannot play music from iphone14

I use Spotify to listen to music, by streaming the music to the WiFi input of S10.
But I cannot use the same method to stream the music in my iphone14 to S10. I follow this path: I select my music in the app, and the screen shows my iphone. I tap on the iphone and the screen shows the list of the songs in my iphone. Then I tap on the song I’d like to hear and the screen, at the bottom right, shows the song “playing” but no sound reaches my ears! Is there a workaround on this?
When I use Bluetooth to stream the music to S10 it plays fine.
Thank you for reading this. I hope someone finds a solution.

Hi Konstantinos,
dumb question, I assume that you have set up the wifi connection to the S10?

Yes, I have setup the Wi-Fi on S10.

Usually a good place to start is a factory reset.

Steve1 thanks for the reply. I pulled the S10 out of the socket and put it back again after a few seconds. I reconnected S10 to my Wi-Fi but the music still isn’t playing. Was this a factory reset? Any suggestions?

Hi again,
The reset button is on the back of the S10, see below screenshot of the S10 manual

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