S10 Can it run on ethernet only in a large property

I have been using an August WR320 in my old home, the issue being, even though these have Ethernet ports, in a multiroom setup (playing simultaneously) they do not use my wired network to communicate, one of the ports acts as a hub and the others create a wifi connection to that hub, bypassing the plugged in ethernet. Does the S10 work in the same way or is it happy communicating on my home network using a wired connection only. One of my S10s will be circa 150m from my main amp setup with only a wired connection (no wifi in this area)



Just to clarify I will want to be playing music through all systems at the same time

A wired ethernet connection is fine for the S10

Thanks Steve, arrived yesterday, they are superb, I’m super impressed with how well they work.

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Sorry to hijack the thread, but I have an upcoming project where I’m looking for multiple S10 to play in multiroom setup (the same programm, but different loudness). The place is kind of large inner yard with several buildings around it and all of the buildings are with internet connection, I’m not sure if they are in one LAN (and same subnet as well). Is it possible to configure the devices to get through routers?

Hi, maybe firstly determine if all areas are on the same network. Maybe consider a wifi network extender?

@ddff_lv This can almost certainly be accomplished, but it depends on the complexity of your network layout. You may need a network engineer to help you configure devices. Many devices with discovery type of features use a pretty noisy method (mDNS, uPnP, etc) and routers tend to filter these out by default to prevent the nearby networks from being overwhelmed with what is otherwise considered useless traffic. Network gear above residential / home consumer grade will have configuration capabilities to forward or relay certain types of traffic to other networks where it’s desired. I haven’t researched the network characteristics of these devices, so i can’t speak specifically to them, but i have configured this type of thing on a lot of different networks. its possible even if they are on different sub-networks.