S10 and casting analog input

Hello, I’ve just bought an Arylic S10 and am learning to use it.

I’d like to connect it to an analog sound source, and cast the content to a windows computer over the LAN network. The goal is to record the audio source with audacity or a similar windows application
As I see S10 does not work as a DLNA or cast server. Is this function possible without buying a second arylic unit and configure in multiroom?

Thank you in advance

The unit cannot work in that way.

You are wanting to convert Analog to Digital and so require an ADC device.

The S10 contains a Digital to analog converter (DAC). The Analog input is just there to be switched with the other inputs(once they have been converted from Digital to Analog, Streaming or Bluetooth) to the analog output.

Hope this explains why you can’t do analog to digital with the S10

Thanks so much for the response… Do you know if any other of Arylic’s products have an ADC for this purpose?

I don’t think a direct Analog to Digital streamer exists at a reasonable cost.

For Analog to Digital conversion the usual connection from the ADC device is to a PC/Laptop where you then use Audacity or similar software to store your converted music with labelling.

You can then use your PC/Laptop to send the now stored in memory converted music to the S10.

There is an easier way of doing this without converting to digital storage.

Analog device output to Bluetooth transmitter,
Bluetooth receiver on S10 Analog input.

Or even just use the Bluetooth input of the S10.

Best Wishes