S 50 Pro + and Deezer


My S50 pro+ is attached to my network using RJ45 LAN and connected to a NAD amp via RCA.
When I listen to HD Radio the result is very good but when I stream from Dezeer the quality is not that good (Premium account).

On android device the Deezer app offers to select the quality of the streaming from basic to HIFI.

On the app of the S50 pro+ I didn’t find this option.
So question #1 is there a way to tune this parameter, question#3 do you know by default what is the quality ?

Thanks in advance !


Hi Fred, I had a S50 Pro that’s more or less the same of Pro+.

First of all all sources are downsampled at 16/44.1 due to Linkplay Board.
To avoid this I’ve buyed an Up2Stream HD DAC Board with case that run at 24/192 max

4Stream App don’t 've any setting, thus you should first set this in Deezer App and then use Deezer “though” 4Stream App with LOGIN in this App, and it should take Deezer setting…:crossed_fingers:t2:

I’ve Amazon Unlimited HD and must run the same for a good sound emission.

Hope 's the same for Deezer.

Try and …good luck…:crossed_fingers:t2:

Hi Maurizio,

Thanks for your advice !

Kind regards