Running 4Stream from PC

I have tried 4 different emulators on my PC and I can’t get any of them to see my devices. I suspect it’s something with the networking, but most apps say that if you are connect at the PC the emulator will also be on the same network. I have not found this to be true with any of them.

Anyone have any luck? I want to be able to stream from my PC to my Arylic Up2Stream products.

Thanks for any help!!!

Hi @Jarrod_Armstrong.

I’ll have a look for you. Just a couple of questions.

  1. What will be your music source e.g. Spotify, Tidal, etc. Etc. .?
  2. When you say emulators what are you trying to emulate. Android or iOS and when you say PC do you mean windows PC or something else ?

You can just select music on your PC and send music via Bluetooth to Up2Stream however this will be a point to point connection (e.g. not multiple devices)

Specify what Arylic device you are using and I will have a quick look at workable options.

Regards Kevin

Sure, thanks for any info you could provide.

I mostly use Iheart radio but would really love to be able to use Plex, but that doesn’t seem an option.

I run a Windows 10 PC, quad core, 16 GB RAM, 64 bit system, …

I would like to emulate Android system so I can use the 4Stream App, and be able to use any source available in it.

I would like to use the multi zone option and not just the p2p connection.

I found articles on how to do this with the 4Stream app. I have the emulator running, but it never shows my network, just the emulator’s network. I have tried several emulators, but they all appear to be similar with the wifi function. I even tried to add my network, but still no luck. I am assuming wifi is working on the emulator, since I can login to the Play store and install the app. Since I can’t see my network I can’t see my devices. The devices I use are the Up2stream Mini V3.

Again, thanks for any help,


P.S. Let me know if I can provide any other information.

@Jarrod_Armstrong have a look at this link.

Android Networking.

Android Studio Emulator is well documented on the networking side of things.

In your emulator try using IP Address

I haven’t tested this method for 4STREAM but I can give it go in the next few days.

Regards, Kevin

Kevin, thanks for the information. I’ll have to try it today. I’ll let you know how it goes.



I think I am looking at this wrong. I am thinking I just need to get an S10 or an Up2stream Pro V3, I prefer the DIY devices. I’ll just select line in for my new device and connect it to the PC and play with my own player, Plex. Then I can just group the devices as normal to get the output to any other devices.

Thanks for the ideas. I sometimes over think things or start down a path that gets mucky. I think the solution above is what I need.

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Yes I would go for the PRO. Always better to have a physical Ethernet cable. Helps get round any wireless firewall issues too.

I have an S50 plus but I am definitely swaying towards the DIY Boards now :slight_smile:

Hi Jarrod
If you want to play only music from the PC, you could also use iTunes, if any other sound is needed from other application like other music players on Windows 10, there are two options:
AirParrot (does currently not work with up2stream devices but with other AirPlay and DLNA Speaker)
TuneBlade (my preferred tool I am currently using) see screenshot



Thanks for your suggestions, but I am all set. I am just not an Apple person, so iTunes or any “i*” or “Air*” is not an option for me.

Have an awesome day!