RS 232 volume control connection for any products

Would like to know if it is possible to add serial connection RS232 for control of other products?


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There are many Arylic Products with different Input, Output, GPIO & Communications capability. Could you maybe explain more about which Arylic product you are using or looking at and what “other products” you want to control by RS232 ?

Also maybe explain the functionality you are seeking as maybe Serial RS232 may not be possible but there could be another solution.

Kind Regards, Kevin

Thanks for your response, The solution that I was seeking was actually for my wife. I have Meridian audio systems througout our home. They all can communicate via RS232 and most of them are controlled with our IOS devices through ROON. A couple of our setups consist of DSP33 speakers that are fed a digital input and a comms connection via an Meridian AC12. There is also an RS232 port that allows serial control of the speakers. IR is not available on these speakers but they can have two way communication via the RS232 connection. Others have successfully used a Rasberry PI with a usb to serial cable to perform what is needed. a few links are listed below to maybe make better translation of what I am try to do. In simple terms I am just trying to implement a solution that will display as an airplay device and control the speakers via serial connection.

This works. ‎virtualMSR on the App Store
but requires two different apps to control volume which is an inconvenience for those that just want to have complete control of airplay from IOS device, very much like some of the consumer available receivers that are on the market. In closing I did get a response from Arylic that the UART port is being reserved for other business on any of there products that feature it.


It’s certainly not straightforward and it seems the more boxes, software, cables, bridges etc. then more points of failure are being introduced. I will give it some thought.

However you mention 2 pairs of DSP33 Speakers which I believe have 2 Digital Inputs. Do you have a Digital Input Free in Both Units ?

Regards Kevin

Both pairs are only utilizing one of the two digital inputs available. The least amount of components that I have seen it done with was three. The Raspberry PI4, ALLO Digione and the usb to serial cable. Unfortunately once I got all the components collected I could not get any feedback from the individuals that had success implementing the installation. Here are a couple more links including discussion, if it helps.


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