Rotary Encoder without extra capacitors

Hey Guys!

I don’t get why i have to try 100 different titles for this topic, since they all seem to be too long, but now to the real question.

I am currently working with the Up2Stream V4 Amplifier Module and regulate the Volume via Rotary Encoder (18 Pulses,18 Dents).

The connection is pretty easy but seems to need two 103 capacitors (10nF) between the GPIO1/2 And GND to debounce. The ADAU1701 DSP i am working with in other projects got a built in Software debounce and does not need extra capacitors.

Is there any other solution to get this running without having to solder 2 capacitors (10nF) between GPIO1/2 and GND or is this the only way the Volume control will work properly?

Best Regards