Reuse of ACP Workbench license

Well, this is just a problem…
In the last time I used a Windows 10 installation in a VMware Fusion VM on my Mac. I bought ACPWorkbench and installed it on this VM. So, it seems to be a mistake after several attempts to get it work properly. Okay… yesterday I bought my very first Windows Laptop :see_no_evil:, a wonderful Thinkpad T470 :smiley:, and I installed all the audio software, besides ACPWorkbench. Unfortunately, the ACPW license seems to be bound to a specific hardware. I was not able to install it on my Thinkpad again.

And this is my question:
Is it possible to transfer my license to the new hardware, or do I have to buy it again?

// @zpl1025 @Joy

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@zpl1025 @Joy @Jiang_Ryan

Is there any news about this topic? I would like to know if I have to buy another license, throwing the one from my VM away, or if I can move it from VM to real PC hardware?

Frank :smiley:

Hi Frank, the license is binded with hardwaren and does not support transfer. I can send you a new one anyway, no need to buy another one.

Oh Frank, that is great news! Thanks so much. :heart_eyes_cat: