Retro audio set + arylic S50 Pro +

S50Pro + model is a good complement to my retro audio set:

Amplifier: Siemens RV337
Gramophone: JVC NIVICO SRP-473E
Column speakers: Canton 920 DC

I use it mainly for Tidal, TuneIn streaming and Bluetooth connection to the projector.
The audio quality is fine, easy to connect to the network.
The display has clear symbols of the source, so even from a distance it is easy to recognize which source we are operating on.
Among the issues that could be improved are: replacing the infrared in the remote control, to bluetooth, adding a more advanced configuration for managing bluetooth devices, adding the option to turn off the beeps when pressing buttons on the remote control.

I recommend the device as a solution with great quality for the price.

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Hello, Also I think this is a good device.
As for the beeping sound, I think you can solve the beep sound in this way:

  1. Download the [tool ](

2.input you device IP then click connect(you can find device IP settings> speaker info> device IP)

3.input the commend MCU+PAS+RAKOIT:BEP:0& then click send.

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