Restore selected source on power on

Is it possible to save the source that is selected when the B50 is powered off, and return to it when it is switched on again?

I have ARC selected, I switch the B50 off with the toggle on the front, I switch it back on and Bluetooth is enabled which causes my TV to switch back to using its internal speakers

Hi voltagex,
We’ve seen your request and will log the issue and make changes. We will release new firmware after the problem is fixed, so stay tuned, thank you. :blush:

I believe there’s two or more things going on:

  • I have ARC connected to my TV
  • I have an iPad connected via USB

It seems like one port will always “win” and that ARC standby will have an impact

Hi voltagex,
We’ve seen your issue and are working to resolve it. . Please wait for new firmware.

We will be releasing new firmware soon and I have logged your question.

Up2Stream Mini also looses it’s mind over power-off. I hope firmware update makes it to my Minis!