Requests for B50 Amp

I recently purchased the amplifier and I’m quite happy with it.
If possible, I have some requests to implement in the next firmware.

  1. When you raise or lower the volume, either with the remote control or with the knob, you can use the LEDs to understand the level without opening the application.

  2. When set to USB mode, you can add folder management, filter by artist and album and be able to view the title of the song you are listening to.

  3. On the Android application there is a bug on the maximum volume setting. When I turn on the amplifier it shows me 30%, in reality it is set to 100%.

  4. Does not maintain deep bass setting once amplifier is turned off.

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@zpl1025 @liuw29759

Points 2 was already raised by me. As per Mr. Frank and Mr. Jason, the Go Control app optimization is going on and under trial. I am waiting patiently for the updated firmware and app.

Point 3 also is true. Anytime the max volume is at 30% in the app. But in reality it is 100%.

thanks for the feedback, we’re still working on the APP. And because we’re making a page to view WIFI playing status, and also the network configuration, so it takes a bit long time.

No hurry. Take your time. But please come out with a flawless app and firmware :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok. I’m waiting for the new firmware.
I encountered another problem. When I turn off the amplifier, there is a noise on the subwoofer.