Request SSD1309 OLED Display on Up2Stream DAC HD

Hi there,

i’am actually working on a DIY Project based on the UP2Stream DAC HD. See my other post for explanation.
This DAC supports an SSD1306 Display connected via I2C. Unfortunately this Display is very small and almost not readable from a few meters away. At least for my eyes. Then I thought if it would be possible to connect a larger (2,42") SSD1309 Display to the DAC. Has anybody any experience about that?

Request to Arylic: Please Support such a Display as well!

Thank you!

SSD1309 should work just fine. Same controller, same resolution it is just bigger.

Hello Too51oll,

Thank you for YouTube answer. As i could read, you mean „should“. So you don‘t Know absolutely, that it will work? Did you try yourself? I saw some Information about These displays, that it could be possible Not to work Fine. Bit confusing.

All the best…

No I haven’t tried it on the DAC itself but i do have experience with both of those OLED displays and they are interchangeable. Same input signal just different size. SSD1309 costs £10 on amazon UK so i can’t see the reason why not to try it. Connect VCC, GND, SCL and SDA to corresponding pins in DAC and leave RES unplugged. If for some bizarre reason it won’t work for you just return it (Bezos won’t bankrupt because of you). But again I’ve been connecting both displays to the same ESP32 board set up for SSD1306 without changing anything and both were working without issues.

Thank you for your advice! I have the display now in my hands. On the back it shows SPI: R4 and I2C: R3 and R5. Does this mean to put R4 into one of the others (R3, R5)and what value should these Resistors get? I also read some others forums about this display and there were some Info on how to set RES and CS for I2C. Do you also have info about that?
It would be very fine if you could give further advice, as I am not very experienced with these displays.

Thank you in advance!