Remote Management of Up2Stream Mini

In the last two years I have built many wireless speaker systems.Most of them using the Up2Stream Mini v3.
Almost all are in different locations (outside of mine), so they are also in different networks.

I would like to be able to remotely support them. So I am looking for a way to remotely access them, to:

  • Read settings & values
  • Change settings or configurations

Is there anyone who has found a way to do that?

Remote app only works on local network… so it’s not so easy…
Maybe if you create a VPN between all your different networks… not sure…

Thnx @Rene_Bibollet, for your response.

Sure, the remote app will not work in this case, as most of the devices are on other networks.
VPN technically could work, maybe. But is a hassle to set up. Also because I than need to ‘bother’ the users of the speakers in those different networks, for setting up VPN. (And explaining them that I only access the speakers and not their computers or NAS or so. That’s a discussion I prefer to avoid)

So what I am looking for is:

  1. Preferably, a way to directly connect to each device, without needing involvement of the users of the speaker.
  2. Alternatively, a connection via some remote management app like MS TeamViewer. Though I must say, I have not been able to get that working properly. In this case it would mean taking over a smartphone, but not controlling it. So I can only look at what the user sees, and still need to tell him ‘do this, do that’.

I wonder if you could do something with a Raspberry Pi or some other similar device? I’m not personally that advanced with my setup, but it may be possible. Obviously you would need one at each of your customers sites. This gives me some ideas to research!!

BTW, I have a friend that uses VPN and can see his devices when connected. I am not sure if that helps him do anything with settings or the ACPWorkbench software. I guess it would give you API access, which may be suitable for your use.

Thnx @Jarrod_Armstrong Jarrod_Arm, for thinking with me!

I have considered Raspberry Pi. Though it means I have to invest in extra hardware. In this case for at least 15 to 20 different locations. So I prefer to find a way without extra hardware.

Concerning your friend and using VPN for remote management … can you share more information how he set this up?

I understand the extra cost for the hardware needed. Maybe it could be sold as an upgraded part of the system to allow for remote maintenance?

I’ll check with my friend and see how his setup works. I think he mainly uses his VPN for web cams at home and not for Arylic. I know he has reported that he can’t play music through the app, and other things work. I will ask about using the API. I am also in the process of setting up my own VPN to test the capabilities. I’ll let you know my results after some testing.

@Jarrod_Armstrong Thnx again! I understand your suggestion for selling as an upgrade. My approach is that technically seen, it is no rocket science to enable remote support on products like this. So I stick to looking for a simpler way of remote management.

Concerning your friend, VPN and your own trials; let me know, very much interested to hear and learn about that.