Rebuild HIFI streamer amp with HD DAC

I have a few questions
-is there a way to configure the DAC HD with ACP Workbench.?
-Does anyone have trouble with the bluetooth connection? None of my devices can find the DAC-HD.
-Does anyone having issues with getting signal out of the analog out.

The HDDAC board does not support to configure with ACP tool.
For the Bluetooth, you could search for SSID SoundSystem.

Dear John, please check the manual. There is a procedure required the connect Bluetooth. I guess you have to push the button to activate the “visible” mode.

Good Luck!

The board is broke.
al my other Arilyc boards show their name when I search for bleutooth devices.

part of the board is not powered…

Also the line in and line out are not working.
greetz John