Radio-URL to Preset not working

Hey guys!

I am currently listening to a custom URL (Internetradio) via TuneIn in the 4Stream App, but i am not able to save this to the presets.

My app shows “No Music Selected” but the playback works perfectly fine, even though there seems to be no meta data.
When i try to add this to one of my preset buttons the device states “failed to add to presets”.

Is there any way to add a custom URL to my preset buttons and if so how do i get this to work?

Thanks for your time!

Hello @ack257,

Check this link, I have written some useful info on the subject!

Thanks for the Link, but i was hoping for a easier way to set these things up. unfortunately i don’t understand that much written in the other post.
Isn’t this just an easy fixable firmware-thing?

Hi, we’re working on a WEB based personal radio, You can edit the content in browser and saved on server.
And you also can choose to share it with others, still working on it and would be released in recent weeks.

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Hi @zpl1025,

Thank you for your efforts, there would be one more important thing: if could browse and manage all playlist formats (pls, m3u, etc.) through the web interface, it would be unnecessary to use your own IPTV server to share playlist files…

It’s designed to support radio links with http/https protocols, the pls/m3u might be working thought. And regarding the server to hold the user links, it’s meant to share the same content on different devices while using the same user. And also for user to share with others.

Do not fully understand. Unfortunately the 4stream app does not handle playlist formats (it is not visible when browsing the file, only audio type files), so it is not possible to open a playlist through this, and the web interface has no file browsing capabilities at all, it only handles urls, but it can’t save them to device presets. This should be improved (as well as the very slow file browsing behavior of 4stream, which I don’t experience with similar apps (e.g. iEast).

Isn’t there any other easy way to save an URL to play via preset buttons?
The playback itself works just fine… it’s just about saving it to presets

Hi @ack257,

Unfortunately, you can’t save a stream to presets at the moment (TuneIn, vTuner) - or make yourself an UPnP server from some old router that can publish playlist files on your local network, so it’s possible to save a stream that’s opened in a preset.