Quick multi-room DIY build

Hi All,
My current progress on my ‘quick’ build for a DIY multi-room setup. I say current progress because in my haste I blew up the switch by applying 24V to it :slight_smile:

I would say this was very quick provided you had all your parts ready to go. I did have to make some compromises due to lack of parts etc and select alternatives then modify to fit etc. Probably call it a weekend project.

I have seen a fair few of the other posts, the care attention/detail/customisation etc put into them is amazing (hat off to you). I was after something a bit quicker however still wanted it looking ok.

Here is my result. 5 x Up2stream Amp Stereo boards (could add a 6th if needed however 5 was already surplus to needs), 2 x Arylic 350W PSUs, wired ethernet, in a shallow 2RU enclosure with a surplus of 24V cooling.

As mentioned in my haste to get this running I forgot the PSU output 24V which was not compatible with my 9-12V switch. So when I plugged it all in, it did not like it and had the inevitable fizz and burning on the board. Just waiting on some parts to step that voltage down then will be all done again (already replaced the switch - it was a very cheap one).

Will add a few more photos once installed in place and up and running

Very nicely done! Here’s mine, I had a little more room to work with, and wanted the ability to reboot individual zones. I’ve found that sometimes they need that, so my most played zones I have zwave plugs that just auto reboot every 36 hours.

Looks like you have a fair bit more room to move there :slight_smile: I am trying to fit everything into an existing rack of gear. I am still waiting on the 24/12v converter to arrive in the mail so I can progress to the next step of this whole thing.

An interesting issue with needing to reset every 36hours, I wonder if I will have the same issue? I guess I could wire in a timer that resets everything at 1am every night or something.

It only happened once, but I decided to make it all possible. Chances are you are all good, could have been also wireless interference. I like your idea of a PS, trying to find something to handle all those massive power bricks neatly was a pain. These Amazon shelves worked out perfectly for that https://a.co/d/5myUulk

Hi @Clay looks like a great build. Can you share any details on the case and how you mounted the boards?