Question on which products I need...


I have a wedding in July and I need to hook up some speakers. I have a set of Klipsch Heresys run by a Sprout 100 amp, a set of powered Klipsh The Sixes, and set of Edifier S2000MkIII powered speakers. The wedding is on a small farm, with excellent wifi coverage. Each set of speakers will be in a different area (bar area, reception area, ceremony area). If necessary, I can get access to hook up an arylic unit directly to a LAN line to help connectivity. I’m thinking I need S10 units and/or S50 units, as I do not need a powered amp for the Heresys, since I have the Sprout 100. Do I simply need a couple of S10 units for the powered speakers (very close to wifi source) and a S50 for the Sprout connection (a little farther from the wifi router), or would I also need another S50 connected directly to the router to assist in connectivity with the other units? Let me know if anyone has any ideas. I just want the ability to run the same music list in all of the zones. Thank you for any ideas you may have!

For playing the background music, the S10 is enough. Use each for powered speaker, no need extra device for connectivity. Group them together, and you can just play song on the master device.
And suggest to use ethernet connection, as you might have many guests that day, and they might want to connect wifi, that will cause some trouble for the signals.