Question about the Up2stream HD DAC

if I am using the new HD DAC which I understand is required for high-resolution playback (in this case I’m thinking via Tidal Connect), will the high resolution audio synchronize with boards like the Up2Stream Amp V4?

I guess I’m wondering if I will need an HD DAC for each speaker set, which will be cost prohibitive.

As an alternative, I may use the analog out of the high stream DAC and feed that to the Up2Stream Amp V4’s.

Thoughts appreciated

There is no reason that it won’t work, but of course you will not get the high resolution audio from the Up2Stream V4, but it will be ouput in 44.1/16bit.

In my opinion, this is plenty and even though much is made of 24-bit files, all 24 bits of dynamic range were only used in the studio to reduce quantization noise. The consumer versions of these files are masted with a dynamic range of or even less than 96dB, or less than a 16-bit recording.

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Hi, tidal connect in Linkplay based devices, only work in Hifi quality, 16/44.1.


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