Question about B50 Bluetooth

Hello all,

i currently have a Denon Ceol N9 with cd reader out of order so i am willing to buy the Arylic B50 amp.

i have a feature i appreciate with my Denon, when i connect my phone to the amp with the Bluetooth, it power it on.

Do you know if the same feature exist with the B50 or you have to manually power it on and select Bluetooth source ?

Best regards.

Hi, welcome to Arylic forum. For B50, you have to power it up and switch to Bluetooth mode to connect. If you want the feature like Denon Ceol N9, you could leave B50 alive in Bluetooth mode and don’t cut power. The B50 will turn off AMP to save power when detected no input for 60 seconds. And you could think it’s in standby mode, but with LED lighting.