[QA] Active status when provide the power supply

Good afternoon Everybody,

I have a Up2Stream Pro V4 board, all function work good.

And I have two question,

  1. Can I config to save active status when power turn on > off > on
    + Up2Stream board ON, then un-plug power cord and re-plug ----> Up2Stream board ON
    + Up2Stream board OFF, then un-plug power cord and re-plug ----> Up2Stream board OFF

  2. Can I config to control (High/Low) other product?

Thanks and best regard!


With regard to question 1, I’m a bit confused why you would want to do that?

Question 2, do you want the Pro board to power on an amplifier? If so, this post should be helpful to you: Using GPIO1 to Turn On Amps & Power Supplies, Turn Off When No Music

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Good afternoon,

Thanks for your answer, it’s useful to me.

My project provide audio for multiple room/area, so when using Up2Stream board solution (research) need to have this function (remember status turning ON/OFF when AC power un-pluged).
Maybe I will find other solution for this function, but I want to confirm with Up2Stream board have or not.

Do you have more information to me?

Thanks and best regard!

When power is applied to the board it is activated, I’m not familiar with any options that prevent the board being activated when the power is applied.
Do you want the board to turn on with every second power on? Maybe a flip-flop circuit?

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