Problem with multiroom volume when grouped

I installed 5 s50pro’s and 4 a50+ in my home and everything works great. When i group all the zones together to play the same music, when i play with the volume levels it lags to change volume and gets louder and lower as if it is going crazy. My home network has 3 switches connected with 10gb optical connection and all devices with lan are on a 1gb speed. So its not a lagging network issue. Any ideas why?

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That’s odd behavior, try taking 1 off line and see if it continues. Remove 1 each time and test, maybe there is one unit not happy.

I installed them again on a customers home and i have the same problem once again. The system
Consists of 2 s50 pros and 2 s10 streamers. Same exact problem. Works fine from airplay and using the volume from the side of the phone. The second i group 2 zones or more in 4 stream everything delays. The volumes and even when i change the songs.