Problem with first time set up and connection to wifi

Hi all.

I cannot seem to get past the network name and password screen of the Up2Stream Plate Amp . After I input the desired network and password the white light stops blinking, the speaker says that its connected but my phone continues loading and after a while I get this screen:

After I reset the app it cannot find the speaker.

I can connect to the temporary network(if I reset the wifi connection of the amp) that the amp makes but I cant do anything since the amp itself is not connected to the internet and my phone isn’t as well. Basically I can connect the amp to the internet and my phone to the amp but not both at the same time which is required for the wireless operation of the device. BT and LAN work without problems.

I’ve tried factory resets and other methods that I found on the forum but alas no progress. Some help would be very much appreciated,