Problem to configure different EQ settings with ADC key switch

I upgraded the Amp 2.1 to the firmware 4.6.328252 and fail to make the different Eq presets switch working properly:
I set an EQ setting in ACP workbench, and save the configuration to Flash with “group index”: 0 (Group name: KTV).
then, I configure another EQ setting, and save it to the group index 1, and so on, up to 4 different EQ settings.

When using the ADC num keys 1 to 4 to change the settings, I hear a beep when pressing the buttons, but no change in the EQ :frowning:
Note that the other ADC keys work properly.
PS: when pressing the ADC “Num4”, there is no beep.

I dont see what is wrong. Some help would be great

please make sure the version on APP is 4.6.328252.28, the last 28 is the version of firmware running on MCU which doing the DSP work. And I can confirm the NUM keys on ADC keypad is expected to work as loading EQ presets. You need to long press the key (press and hold for more than 3 seconds) to load it. I’ll check it tomorrow with a real board.

Indeed: by pressing the ADC key 3 seconds it works and I can now have several sounds presets. very useful feature.
Thanks for the trick, it’s not really intuitive to press the push button 3 sec.

Sounds good :slight_smile:
The number buttons are used for loading the playlist presets when short press, and it is a very handy and frequently used function. I don’t want to overwrite it. Before, long press NUM keys is defined to set current playlist to preset, and it also work this way when you don’t have EQ presets.

I was not aware of this feature to change the playlists preset from the ADC keys. So, of course, to change the EQ with the sames keys, it’s the only solution.
Topic closed. Thanks.

I re-open the topic because the saving of EQ settings to different group index (from 1 to 4) works randomly: In many cases when saving to a specific group index, it resets others to default factory. Sometimes, when saving to flash, the board seems to ‘crash’ and restart. looks like a bug… this is very annoying, and I’m afraid to destroy my tweeter as I use the Amp 2.1 for an active speaker with high pass and low path filters.

sorry, will look into this bug.

thanks, and to complement: it looks like a buffer / memory overflow in the config memory storage, as yesterday, after resetting the amp 2.1 wifi connection, I have lost the EQ default settings who were reset to default.

I can’t reproduce this bug, just played with the ACPWorkbench for a while, adjust and save to 0~9, and reset factory on APP. And all DSP settings are there as expexcted.
Please note that, the ‘reset factory’ on ACPWorkbench will reset all the DSP settings.

thanks a lot for your investigations. I think I have found the root cause: I was using a config file that was created with the previous firmware version ( using importing menu from ACP, and then, saving to flash). It seems that there is some versioning compatibility issue that triggers the problem. I started from an ACP empty config and now it saves to flash with no problem.

it would be great to have this feature in the app. then you would only need a smartphone to control it and no longer two devices (ir remote + mobile phone) that would really be a game changer!
there would even be a good place in the app. i have attached a link to a mockup. greetings, stefan.

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