Problem connecting to network

I know there are other similar posts, but I believe my problem is not exactly the same as the others.

I recently bought two devices: one A30+ and one A50+. They were working fine until a few days ago, when I just had two change the power outlet of my router and turned it off and on again (that’s it). Then I noticed that both Arylics failed to reconnect to the router (I actually have 3 routers in a mesh network, but they were working fine, as I said, until this event). The A30 I managed to setup again, but not the A50. It keeps failing the simplest of tasks, to connect to a Wifi network that it was already connected to. I then tested it again: I turned the router off and back on on purpose, and the A30 again had to be set up from scratch. So, I have two problems:

  1. The A30+ is working, but every time the router turns off (which will happen occasionally) it has to be added again to the 4stream app to work. It is the only device in my house that can’t reconnect on its own to the wifi.

  2. The A50+ is even worse. I already connected directly to the Arylic wifi, restored it to factory settings, and it still fails to connect to the wifi. It says sometimes DHCP failure, other times just setup failure.

It has been a very frustrating week trying to solve this. I bought the devices from the official (at least they claim to be) distributors in Brazil. I can’t run an ethernet cable to neither of them, and I am “invested” in your devices in the sense that I don’t even know what other device I would buy to replace them, since I need the amplification for the ceiling speakers. So I’m counting on your support to make them work properly, since my problem is very, very basic.

If it matters, I have a mesh network with an ASUS RT-AX88U and two nodes ASUS RT-AC68U. I’m not currently experiencing any problems with other devices in the house failing to connect. I already restarted the router (as I explained).

I very much appreciate any help.