Pro V3 Presets setting unclear/limited

So, sound quality at bit poor, but I can fix that buying the dac board. IR code’s troublesome for my remote, but I can fix that buying the Arylic remote.

But I want to use the device without phone => I need the preset. I use TuneIn radio, Vtuner and the direct stream from URL input, but I can’t find a way to set the presets. Checked some documentation of other Arylic products where they refer to a symbol indicating something can be set as preset. Can’t find the symbol anywhere.

=> update: ignore documentation, presets can be set at TuneIn and Vtuner through pressing the button with the 3 dots!

@n89 Hi,
According to my experience, saving your own streamlinks to a preset is only possible in a complicated way on Arylic products. Only possible through an older version of 4stream (it still included the function to save streamlinks created in m3u files shared on the network to presets - this option was removed from the newer version of 4stream).

Hi Zitev,
Thanks for your reply. Because i found out how the presets work on Vtuner and TuneIn I now have the functionality I need.
You would expect that if a company develop hardware with an app that functionality of streamlinks and presets would be easy, but likely the 4stream is not really developed by Arylic.
I just downloaded the WiiM app and it looks very very similair to the Arlic app. It also works with the Arlylic devices and even has a BBC functionality. I couldn’t configure wifi on the Arylic device with the WiiM app. Both apps should be based on Linkplay.